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The interior landscaping and green design experts

“Planteca is as much a family affair as it is a passion for green design, interior landscaping, plants and for fruitful collaborations with our clients.”
Charles Martin
Charles martin

Green design

We offer evolving interior landscaping and green design solutions that fit harmoniously into your workspaces. 

design biophile arbres édifice commercial
Un arbre dans un lobby

Plant Sales

Our green walls, tropical and artificial plants, pots, accessories and all other products have been selected with great care for their quality and originality.

Plant Rentals

Whether you need plants for events or for the short or long term, we offer many rental packages to fit your every need.

Plantes au bureau: un arrangement de bambou
Aglaonema, une plante parfaite pour les salles d'attente

Plant care

Our horticultural technicians are devoted to caring for your plants, giving you the freedom to continue doing what you do best.

The interior landscaping experts since 1982

Icône d'ordinateur

Corporate offices

Icône sac d'achats

Shopping centres

Les condos font confiance à Planteca pour l'entretien de leurs plantes


Planteca réalise des projets d'aménagement végétal pour les restaurants du Grand Montréal

Hotels & restaurants

Icône d'un spa, client de Planteca


Planteca offre ses services à des clients institutionnels comme des universités


Opt for our expertise

Satisfied existing clients
Projects completed since 1982

Our projects

Get inspired by the green spaces we have carefully crafted

Living walls

Preserved moss walls

Preserved moss frames

Plant selection

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medium light

high light




Pot holders



Your work environment, more invigorating than ever!

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