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At Planteca, we want to inspire and guide you in your wildest commercial interior landscaping ideas! Let us assist you throughout your creative process and help you bring your ideas to life.

“Planteca is a trusted partner for everything to do with plants. We greatly enjoy working with them.”
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Your reference for biophilic design

There’s nothing like plants to add a touch of life to a design concept! After all, since most of our time is spent indoors today, plants are what connects us to nature. Being surrounded by plants is more than just a question of aesthetics: it’s about wellbeing.

When it comes to design, we love plants because they bring life and untamed nature to a decor and space that’s often meticulously organized to the very millimetre. They fill empty spaces with beauty! When properly chosen, they become a design component that’s just as integral as every other element in a space.

We created the Designer’s Nook to give you all the tools and knowledge required to add plants to your design projects. Say goodbye to those disastrous experiences with plants – let us guide you in your selection to ensure that your plants become the gifts that keep on giving. We can inspire you with different ideas, trends, products and much more. 

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Here’s how we work

Planification aménagement de plantes

1 — We assess your space

Visiting your space allows us to determine the type of lighting available. We take all the necessary measurements and discuss with you to come up with enlightened recommendations.

Planteca, fournisseur de plantes pour entreprises de Montréal

3 — We select plants and accessories

Selecting plants that will thrive in your space is our passion. Let us help you choose the best pots and planters for your needs.

Entretien horticole, un service de Planteca

5 — We excel at plant care

Each of our quotes includes a plant care price estimate, so your clients know exactly what to expect. Did you know that we can also suggest artificial plants to help your client save on plant care fees?

Planteca offre des services de design vegetal

2 — We draw plans

Let us add some green to your blueprints. We have tons of ideas to add colour to your concepts with floor or desk plants, green walls, hanging plants and more.

Technicien en aménagement de plantes pour Planteca

4 — We install it all

Are you at the final stage of your project, trying to put in the finishing touches and running around setting everything up? Let us handle the installation of your plant setups.


Understanding plants

Do you want to add plants to your concept, but are a little confused about how to go about it? Contact us to discuss your project. There are many things to consider when integrating plants into a space, such as:

  • Lighting;
  • Watering schedule;
  • Ventilation;
  • Available space;
  • And much more.
Un aménagement de plantes dans un salle de yoga
Plantes dans un café

Impress your clients

Trust us to keep you informed of all the latest green trends.

Suggest a green wall with confidence, by understanding how to properly maintain it.

Suggest a full-grown tree, knowing it will thrive in its new space.

Opt for an impressive and funky cacti setup.

We will guide you as you navigate various project constraints, so that your client suggestions are informed, creative, and aesthetically pleasing.

Identifying new trends

Our monthly newsletter includes a press review of plants and design, inspiring projects, information on the latest trends, and much more.

Our Brunch & Learn events help you learn more about green wall structures, and the right light fixtures for plant health and aesthetic lighting. We also discuss the most natural-looking artificial plants and much more.

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Planteca à l'affût des tendances en design vert

Tell us about your project

Adding plants to your design concept has never been so easy.

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